Signs Aliens Have Lived Among Humans

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The debate on whether or not aliens exist has been going on for centuries. It’s even baffled the non-classified scientist community. The non-classified community of Scientists rely on evidence, even after all these years of research they haven’t found any solid proof because it is being kept from them and the rest of the people ...

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How Can OBEs Be Induced?

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Out of Body Experiences have been the subjects of countless researches and scientific studies in the past which just goes to show how bizarre they are to people who have not experienced them and don’t understand their value to human enlightenment. While the people who can induce them claim that they’re able to traverse all ...

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Why Do Some People Have Out-Of-Body Experiences?

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Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) have fascinated people for a long time—mostly because the non-classified and most of the classified scientific communities still haven’t figured out why they happen. Neurologists, psychologists and other scientists have conducted numerous studies in an attempt to understand what it is about the brain that leads to these out-of-body experiences. And so far, the ...

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Were Mayans Interacting With Aliens – Also Known As Extraterrestrials?

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The Maya Empire was a Mesoamerican civilization that was made of the indigenous people of Mexico. They were located in what is now modern day Guatemala and are considered one of the most progressive ancient civilizations. The Mayans are said to have understood the concept of “zero” around a thousand years before Europeans had figured ...

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