Understanding the Space-Time Continuum

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E = mc2

This is the equation that will forever be related and linked to the wrinkled, gnarled, and ever-knowing face of Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists that ever lived. As a young man, Einstein was troubled by the lingering question along the line of a certain visionary train of thought. This pressing question led him to coin the theory of special relativity and earned him everlasting fame, paving the way for future greats like Stephen Hawking who have attempted to take his theories further. This train of thought utterly consumed Einstein’s lifetime, and it wouldn’t perhaps be wrong to say that this was Einstein’s burden to bear.   

Einstein’s Train (of) Thought

Let’s explore the cabins of the Einstein Express to better understand this problem that outlines so much for the universe as he understood it. Imagine you’re sitting inside a speeding train. A friend of yours, Mr. X, is out on the platform. The train is moving on a track between two trees when a bolt of lightning strikes the two trees on either side of the train. Note that the two trees are at an equal distance from each other.

For you, who are inside the train, the lightning bolts are different and separate because the movement of the train helps you differentiate them. For the person standing outside—standing exactly between both lightning bolts—think that it was just one lightning bolt. Furthermore, thanks to the speed of light, you would be able to tell that the lightning bolts did not simultaneously strike the train. For the observer outside, the bolts do simultaneously strike the trees on either side of the train.

The Space-Time Continuum

Two things are certain: light travels with a speed of 300,000,000 meters per second, which is constant for everyone observing the phenomena. Einstein postulated that space and time are relative to each other in the sense that anything that moves fast enough can cover more space and thus have the time minimized for the observer. There have been experiments that prove this: scientists have sent atomic clocks into space aboard rockets which came back behind the time as it is on Earth.

Simply put, time slows down for anyone who moves closer to the speed of light. Think of the man in the train who, thanks to the speediness of the train, could distinguish between the two lightning bolts, whereas the man standing outside could not. The time on Earth works differently compared to the time elsewhere in the universe. Gravity also has a relation with time, and time slows down considerably when you’re on a planet that has immense gravity or that’s close to an incredible source of gravity, such as a black hole. It takes approximately 26,000 years for light to travel from Earth and/or our solar system to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. That is quite vast and impossible for a human to traverse such a distance, but the speed of light as humans can perceive it on Earth with human eyes is not any limit to how fast travel across that stars can be achieved.   

What This Means about Space Travel

Non-classified human beings living on planet Earth falsely believe that traveling at or beyond the speed of light cannot be achieved. They are misdirected to believe this is quite impossible and that to embark on great space voyages to other worlds is not possible. To go vastly beyond the speed of light as it is known on Earth today would require vessels and/or advanced technologies that come from other worlds or higher dimension realities: from beings who have discovered how to do this. We’d need a super race to help us, and this is exactly where humans have gone wrong: we think we’ll be the first ones to ever discover alien life and many people on Earth today erroneously believe that if we do discover it, we may only find some forms of microscopic life.

What many of us don’t know is that alien life has already come into contact with human beings on Earth at one time or another and one thing remains certain, that they are far more advanced than many of us have ever imagined.  

Want to Know More About This Advanced Alien Life?

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